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Journée de la Terre - les petits gestes qui font une différence

Earth Day: small gestures that can make a difference

Every year, Earth Day reminds us of the crucial importance of taking care of our planet. In a world of increasingly pressing environmental challenges, it’s essential that each of us contributes in our own way to the preservation of our shared habitat. At Kabioca, we firmly believe in the power of small, everyday gestures to make a significant difference. With this in mind, we strive to promote sustainability through our products and actions, while inspiring our customers to adopt more environmentally-friendly habits.


The fight against waste: compostable capsules from Kabioca

Le combat contre les déchets les capsules compostables de Kabioca

One of the major sustainability challenges we face is waste management. Indeed, one of the coffee industry’s biggest challenges is managing the waste generated by capsules. Traditional plastic and aluminum coffee capsules pose a major problem due to their inability to degrade quickly in landfills. At Kabioca, we recognized this problem and worked hard to find a solution.

So we’ve made a commitment to reduce our ecological footprint by offering fully compostable coffee and hot beverage capsules. Designed to be compatible with Nespresso and Dolce Gusto machines, our capsules offer the same quality of delicious coffee while being environmentally friendly. Made from fully compostable materials, our capsules decompose quickly after use, leaving no harmful residue in the environment.

By choosing Kabioca’s compostable capsules, our customers actively contribute to the reduction of plastic and aluminum waste. Every cup of coffee thus becomes a small gesture in favour of the planet, allowing us to reduce our ecological footprint while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.



Earth Day: small gestures you can adopt

Journée de la Terre - les petits gestes que vous pouvez adopter

As sustainability-conscious consumers, you also have an essential role to play in protecting the environment. This Earth Day, here are a few simple actions you can take on a daily basis to make a difference:



One of the easiest ways to reduce our ecological footprint is to rethink our consumption of single-use products. That’s why we’ve developed fully compostable coffee and hot beverage capsules, compatible with Nespresso and Dolce Gusto machines. By opting for our capsules, our customers can enjoy their coffee while helping to reduce plastic and aluminum waste.



Whether you’re on your way to work, taking a walk in the park or going on a trip, using reusable cups can easily fit into your on-the-go lifestyle. Invest in a durable, leak-proof travel mug that you can take with you wherever you go. Not only will you reduce your consumption of disposable cups, but you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite coffee wherever you are, safe in the knowledge that you’re helping to preserve the environment.



Save water by adopting simple habits such as taking shorter showers, turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, and using water-saving dishwashers and washing machines.



Opt for sustainable modes of transport such as walking, cycling or public transport whenever possible. Not only will you reduce your carbon emissions, but you’ll also promote a more active and healthy lifestyle.



Take a conscious approach to waste management by reducing your consumption of disposable products and recycling as much as possible. Choose products with minimal packaging and favor recyclable materials. Recycling and composting are effective ways of reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. Make sure you sort your waste properly and compost organic waste such as food scraps and coffee grounds.



Take advantage of this Earth Day to inform and raise awareness among those around you about environmental issues and the actions you can take to remedy them. Together, we can inspire change and create a more sustainable world for future generations.



Kabioca’s commitment to sustainability

L'engagement de Kabioca envers la durabilité

At Kabioca, we’re proud to say that sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We’ve taken concrete steps to reduce our environmental footprint and encourage a more planet-friendly lifestyle. Here are just a few of the actions we’ve taken:



Our coffee and hot beverage capsules are fully compostable. Designed to be compatible with Nespresso and Dolce Gusto machines, they offer an ecological alternative to traditional aluminum or plastic capsules. Made from natural materials, our capsules decompose rapidly after use, reducing environmentally harmful plastic waste.



At Kabioca, we firmly believe in the importance of responsible sourcing. This means not only choosing high-quality ingredients and coffee for our products, but also ensuring that they are produced in a sustainable way. By opting for certified organic coffees, we help to improve the fragile ecosystems of the producing regions, while offering our customers coffee of the highest quality. When you enjoy a cup of Kabioca coffee, you can be sure that every bean has been grown with care and respect for the planet.



Valuing our efforts to choose organic coffees and develop plant-based capsules is essential to truly embodying our commitments to sustainability. At Kabioca, we understand that adopting responsible practices cannot be selective. So, to design our organic and eco-friendly coffee capsules, we undertook a careful analysis of our entire supply chain.

We have endeavoured to find solutions that not only preserve the taste quality of our coffee, but also minimize our environmental footprint. Beyond the simple creation of vegetable capsules and organic coffee, we have chosen to adopt cardboard packaging from recycling channels, guaranteeing minimal environmental impact. This decision also extends to our packaging practices: the tapes used to close your packages are plastic-free adhesive rolls, made from kraft paper and natural glue.

We firmly believe that every element of our process, from raw materials to final packaging, must reflect our values of environmental responsibility. By making informed decisions at every stage, we are committed to offering our customers high-quality products while minimizing our impact on the planet. At Kabioca, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond simply creating eco-friendly products. It’s a commitment to transparency, innovation and responsibility, aimed at shaping a future where the pleasure of coffee is in harmony with respect for our planet.

In addition, we strive to educate and raise awareness among our customers about the importance of sustainability and the small, everyday gestures that can make a big difference. We are convinced that, together, we can create a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future for generations to come.



This Earth Day, let’s remember that every little bit counts in the fight to preserve our planet. At Kabioca, we are committed to encouraging sustainability on a daily basis, both in our business practices and in the habits of our customers. By opting for environmentally-friendly actions, we can all contribute to creating a greener, more sustainable future for all. Join us in this mission and together, let’s make a difference for the Earth we all call home.

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