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Capsules compostables végétales Kabioca compatibles Nespresso et Dolce Gusto au milieu de grains de café

Kabioca introduces the first complete solution of plant-based capsules

On August 19, 2019, a little less than four years ago, the first Kabioca plant-based coffee capsules were launched.

As capsule coffee lovers, but concerned about the impact our consumption had on the environment, we wanted to offer a sustainable alternative: an authentic coffee that you would be delighted to taste, organic and ethical.

Since then, thanks to you, several tons of aluminum have been spared.

After the success of our first capsules, we were convinced that it was possible to go even further in reducing the environmental impact of hot beverage capsules. So, as we want to provide you with the best possible alternative, we listened to your feedback and got back to work.

After two years of research and testing, we are proud to introduce you to the first complete solution of plant-based capsules, with not one innovation but two new ranges of capsules.


Prix Yvelines Environnement pour cafe biologique et capsules compostables Kabioca

These efforts have paid off, as our two new ranges have already
been awarded the Yvelines Environment 2022-2023 Prize



Launch of the first Dolce Gusto compatible plant-based capsules


When we looked at the “Hot Drinks” aisles in supermarkets, beyond aluminum, we quickly identified another environmental scourge: plastic capsules. This is particularly true for Dolce Gusto compatible capsules, which represent about 20% of all hot beverage capsules. These capsules are almost exclusively produced from non-recyclable plastic. Every year, the equivalent of 2.2 million plastic bags is thrown away!

That’s why, after a long phase of research and development and numerous test capsules, we are proud to launch the first 60% plant-based Dolce Gusto compatible capsules !


Composition diagram for Dolce Gusto Kabioca compostable capsules


Biosourced plant-based capsules


Our brand new Dolce Gusto compatible capsule is certified OK Biobased 3 stars by the independent organization Tüv Austria.
This certification guarantees that 60 to 80% of the raw materials used in the capsule are of renewable origin.
With our new Dolce Gusto compatible plant-based capsules, we are pleased to be able to offer you a real alternative to Dolce Gusto capsules made from 100% fossil-based raw materials.


industrially compostable capsules


Logo certifiant capsules végétales compostables industriellementOur brand new Dolce Gusto compatible plant-based capsule is certified industrially compostable by Tüv Austria.
Thanks to the special properties of industrial compost, it disintegrates within a few months at high temperatures (between 55 and 60°C).
However, our plant-based capsules are not to be thrown away in the wild.


Our Nespresso® compatible capsule becomes home compostable


We have evolved our Nespresso® compatible plant-based capsule, which is now certified Ok Home Compost. You can now freely dispose of your Kabioca plant-based capsules in your compost, and thus give them a second life!


Composition diagram for Nespresso Kabioca compostable capsules


A biosourced plant-based capsule


Logo certifiant capsules composées à 98% de matières premières renouvelablesThanks to its composition of 98.80% renewable raw material, the new generation of Kabioca Nespresso® compatible plant-based capsules is certified Ok Biobased 4 stars by Tüv Austria. This is the highest level of BioBased certification ! You will not find any trace of plastic or aluminum in our new capsules. Instead, we use plant-based ink, cellulose and biopolymer of plant origin.


A home compostable capsule


Logo certifiant nos capsules compostables à domicileOur brand new Nespresso® compatible capsule is part of a zero waste approach and is certified home compostable by Tüv Austria. No more waste ! Simply place it in your domestic composter and let it disintegrate at room temperature (between 20 and 30°C). Please note that although our capsules are recycled and transformed into natural fertilizer in your home compost, they should never be thrown away randomly in the wild.


A capsule that preserves all the aromas of your finest blends


Capsule Végétale Espresso Kabioca Compostable à domicileHermetically sealed from water, air and light, the new Nespresso® compatible Kabioca plant-based capsule avoids the oxidation of ground coffee.It thus preserves all the aromas, intensity and subtleties of our Italian coffees, perfectly balanced over 18 months.


Logo Agriculture Biologique CertifiéOur ground coffees contained in our plant-based capsules are naturally still produced by organic farming.
The Certified Organic Agriculture label guarantees a coffee without any chemical pesticide or GMO for at least 5 years.
We are committed to produce our coffee in the best conditions while respecting a soft and reasoned agriculture which does not damage the cultivated lands.

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