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Couverture journée de l'environnement

Kabioca supports World Environment Day

June 5th is World Environment Day. This day, designated in 1972 during the Stockholm conference organized by the UN, with the objective to raise awareness around environmental issues, was first celebrated in 1974 under the slogan "Only One Earth". Since…

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What to do with your coffee ground?

Are you a fan of the black beverage at breakfast, after lunch or even in the afternoon? We understand you! If our capsules are natural and biodegradable, do you regret throwing away all that coffee ground contained inside? You wonder…

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A guide to the different types of coffee

Around 2.3 million cups of coffee are drunk every minute in the world! Black coffee, hazelnut coffee, café crème, ristretto, macchiato, latte, milk coffee, cappuccino, long coffee, moccaccino... There are almost as many types of coffee as there are drinkers.…

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Barista: the coffee artist

Although this word is commonly used in Anglo-Saxon countries and in Italy to designate a person specialising in coffee, the job of this coffee sommelier remains relatively unknown to the French public. From roasting to the preparation and enhancement of…

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Kabioca supports World Recycling Day

A day that is gaining momentum March 18 is Global Recycling Day, a day during which strong messages are conveyed and concrete actions are launched to raise awareness among the general public and young people. Created by the Bureau of…

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