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Photo de composition d'une capsule de café Kabioca compostable à domicile

But what do our Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules really contain?

What is the composition of a Kabioca organic coffee capsule?


In early September, we announced the launch of our latest-generation capsules. High-performance, Nespresso-compatible capsules with perfect pourability. With this new range, Kabioca guarantees you organic coffee capsules, free from GMOs, aluminum, allergens or other additives, and fully compostable at home. But how does it really work? What is the composition of our capsule and our coffee? A few explanations are in order for our consumers.


An organic, eco-responsible coffee


Logo Agriculture Biologique CertifiéKabioca offers organic coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso machines. But what does the organic coffee label actually mean? All our organic coffees meet strict European standards:



  • No chemical fertilizers or treatments may be used on the soil where the coffee beans are planted, and this for at least 5 years.
  • No use of GMO seeds (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  • Soil conservation techniques used by farmers.
  • Once harvested, organic coffee beans must never be mixed with non-organic coffee until they have been roasted.

Kabioca organic coffee capsules comply with all these requirements, enabling our capsules to claim the Certified Organic Agriculture label. If you’d like to find out more, the single European regulation and the system of regular controls governing organic farming are detailed here.


A capsule without aluminum or other additives


Often criticized for the amount of non-recycled (and often incinerated) waste it generates, and for the carbon emissions involved in its production and recycling, aluminum still makes up the vast majority of Nespresso / Nespresso compatible capsules sold on the French market today.

A major ecological disaster, aluminium coffee capsules account for 40,000 tonnes of waste worldwide every year. That’s the equivalent of four Eiffel Towers ! Of these 40,000 tonnes, only 2,000 tonnes are recycled. According to Nespresso®, only 1 coffee capsule in 5 is recycled. Worse still, some are thrown away with the regular garbage, landfilled or incinerated. Why not recycle them? Quite simply because separating the coffee grounds from the capsules after use, whatever the material used, is both complex and very costly.

So, at Kabioca, we’ve tackled the source of the problem, and set about developing capsules that don’t contain an ounce of aluminium.


A home compostable capsule


The “revolution” offered by Kabioca’s Nespresso-compatible capsules is that they are made entirely from a plant-based material, making them compostable at home, while remaining as tasty and creamy as most aluminum capsules on the market.

Our mission: to prove that a delicious coffee can also be a responsible coffee.

Composition diagram for Nespresso Kabioca compostable capsulesSo you’ll find no aluminum, allergens or other contaminants in our capsules. Instead, you’ll find a capsule made from plant-derived biopolymers, vegetable-based glue and ink, and a lid made from natural cellulose.

Our brand-new Nespresso® compatible capsules are thus certified compostable at home by Tüv Austria. To find out more
No more waste! Just throw them in your garden composter and let them biodegrade for a few weeks.

If you’re a fan of Nespresso capsule machines, thanks to Kabioca and its organic, compostable capsules, you’ll still be able to drink quality coffee while respecting the environment. This commitment is Kabioca’s cornerstone: to offer quality organic coffee while respecting the planet.

So adopt Kabioca coffee capsules, and help preserve the planet without changing your habits. You’ve reached the end of this article, and we’ve succeeded in arousing your curiosity? Find out more about our new home compostable capsules by clicking here.

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